Andy Simpson

Insolvency Manager 

"I had been to the gym years ago but never got anything out of it and always found it a chore. I hit 35 and wanted to get back in shape for summer so I tried out Lloyd and he changed my attitude towards the gym completely! Every session is something new and although it is tough at times Lloyd really encourages you to put that bit extra in and makes it enjoyable, even more so with the support and advice he's constantly providing to make sure you get the most out of every session. And what's even better is I have lost body fat and gained muscle so would highly recommend him!"

Jackie Smith 

Scuba Diving Instructor 

"After three months training with Lloyd, my fitness has improved greatly. I feel so much healthier and more confident than before, and my strength and endurance have improved as well. I came to the PT sessions not knowing how to work out in a gym, I left knowing what exercises I can do and how much weight I can lift." 


"The sessions are never boring and I never repeated the same session twice. This kept my motivation and enthusiasm for working out, and makes me actually miss going to the gym (never thought I'd say that). Lloyd will answer any questions you have, and helped me with my nutrition to ensure I get the most out of my sessions. Not only this but he has helped me work around any problems and injuries I've had. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer."

Louis Lynham


"3 weeks in and I am loving my PT sessions with LH Training. Lloyd has already improved my fitness levels immensely and knows exactly when you need to be pushed harder, but also when you've reached your limits and he will change/alter your workout so you don't lose momentum." 

"I was nervous going into training again after pretty much 2 years of doing very little heart raising exercise. Lloyd took that into account and made sure I was comfortable as we've progressed through the weeks. I have already seen great fitness, weight and body shape improvements and I know Lloyd will continue to evolve my training plan to achieve my current and new targets. He's always available for some advice, be it diet or training and I certainly wouldn't be seeing the results I've seen without him and look forward to continuing that over the coming months! I couldn't recommend Lloyd highly enough!"

Lucy Slater



"This was my first ever time doing personal training and Lloyd is fantastic. He is constantly supportive and encouraging and wants you to achieve your goal. Every session was completely unique and interesting, constantly pushing you to achieve your best. I’ve lost body fat, lost weight but gained muscle, my confidence has sky rocketed and it’s all thanks to the knowledge that Lloyd brings to every session." 


"I have taken away some new exercises from each session and even learnt new things about my body and how it works and even help with nutrition (I’m even eating more and still losing weight!). He makes every session enjoyable and now I love working out and seeing my body change. I would recommended Lloyd to anyone, whether you’re starting your fitness journey or already into it."

Brian Waywoike

Market Researcher

"First ever personal trainer. I'm glad I chose Lloyd! I came in to it not knowing about what nutrition and workouts I would need to reach my goals. Within a few weeks I felt much more in control and knowledgable about my nutrition."

"Workouts were hard but I always felt great afterwards as it felt really worth it. Lloyd keeps you motivated especially during those last few reps. On top of all that I always felt like he was there to answer any questions you may have no matter how silly (he knows his stuff), and it was great that you could have a laugh with him during the sessions. Since training with Lloyd I've lost weight, fat and I also feel so much healthier and it's something I will keep working on. I would recommend Lloyd to anyone looking to improve themselves. Thank you Lloyd."

Katja Haataja

Web Developer

"Lloyd is a really knowledgeable and supportive PT. He really made effort to understand my goals and needs and adjusted his support level based on that. He has really good knowledge of various movements and training styles and is able to give good practical tips to enhance technique. It has been a pleasure training with him and I have achieved great results even in just a few weeks!"

Ollie Roebuck 

Yacht Captain

"When training 4 times a week for 7 weeks, the last thing you want is getting bored of repetition - Lloyd kept every session different and new yet still targeted the necessary areas to achieve great results!"

Lloyd Hawkins

Personal Trainer 

After following my own programmes during this period, I am pleased with the progress that I have made. I have managed to put on lean muscle tissue and drop body fat whilst becoming physically fitter, more energetic and stronger.


As a Personal Trainer, finding the motivation and time to train during/after a long day of training clients can be very tough but I always follow the advice that I give to my clients - be consistent! I need to be at the top of my game and like to practice what I preach.



Anne Hutchence


"Having retired to Hove and eaten my way around the fabulous eateries, I presented myself to Lloyd like a beached whale. His response was entirely non-judgemental and professional and with his enthusiasm and encouragement I am finally feeling healthier, fitter and stronger. Lloyd is an inspiring Coach." 

Amanda Betsworth


"This is the first time I have had a personal trainer and it has been so much more enjoyable then I expected. Lloyd is fantastic. Every session is different, and he is full of tips on how I can improve my technique to gain the full benefit. He is very supportive and personalises the knowledge he gives with regards to healthy eating so that it can be adapted to my lifestyle. He is also incredibly understanding and flexible when it comes to me changing my sessions to fit in with my work schedule! After 10 sessions with Lloyd I have signed up to more and hope to continue to see the rewards. I would highly recommend Lloyd to anyone of any fitness level."

Sophia McCauley

Property Manager 

"I have always been fairly active from a young age. I had been doing regular HIIT sessions, swimming and exercise classes but felt that I needed that extra push for my wedding day. I had done some of Lloyd’s HIIT classes, so knew he would challenge me. He has given me the confidence to use weights and push my boundaries in the gym. I’ve always felt out of place in the gym itself but with his guidance, extensive knowledge and diversity, each session has been different and challenging and I have walked away feeling stronger and more toned. I can certainly feel the DOMS kick in also! I would definitely recommend Lloyd - he is accommodating and personable and I feel like he genuinely cares about his clients other than some trainers I have used whom are so focused on the numbers on the scale and strict food plans. I didn’t have a huge amount to lose but have definitely toned up and feel great. Thank you Lloyd!"


Hove, UK

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