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Nutritional Guidance

Your calorie and Macronutrient requirements will be calculated and updated throughout. You will track your food intake using MyFitnessPal, using a 'flexible dieting' approach. 

Bespoke Training Programme


12 week personalised training programme, tailored to your specific goals. 

Weekly Check-in

Weekly check-ins (skype/telephone/voice notes) to evaluate your progress, ensure you're on track and make any alterations necessary. 

Instant Support


Optional ongoing messaging contact via WhatsApp.


Pay Monthly:

£115 per month 

£99 per month thereafter and recurring


Pay Upfront:


£99 per month thereafter and recurring  

How does Online Coaching work with LH Training?

- I will take you through a 12 week personalised programme, monitoring your progress and helping you every step of the way. Imagine a PT in your pocket!


- Online Coaching is completely location independent. Whether you live in Brighton, London or outside of the UK, this is possible. As long as you have access to a gym or some equipment at home, get in touch!   

- Upon enquiring about Online Coaching, you will be sent a client details form via email. Complete the form to the best of your knowledge to enable me to tailor your plan as accurately as possible. 

- Following this, I will design and send you: 

a) A fully personalised 12 week training plan. The sessions will take into account preferences and any injuries.


b) Nutritional Guidance, including tailored macronutrient and calorie targets, healthy eating tips, macronutrient types and more. You will follow a 'flexible dieting' approach and will gain a lot of knowledge in the process. 

- We will check in on a weekly basis via Skype/telephone call/voice notes to establish whether you are on track with your training and nutrition. We will also discuss factors such as recovery and sleep. This is a great chance to evaluate your progress and for you to gain more advice. Everything will be set up for you and monitored using Google Sheets - steps, measurements, progress photos and so on.  

Interested in signing up?

If you are interested in Online Coaching, please complete the Application Form by clicking Here