Perhaps you have a hectic working lifestyle and you are a busy parent. It may be that you have never enjoyed or made time to train, or you are now retired and would like to feel your best. At LH Training, the goal is to help and guide you to make positive lifestyle changes. Combining this with a bespoke training programme and nutrition advice, completely tailored to you, you will be supported to reach your fitness goals and achieve fantastic results. Personal Training sessions based in Hove with LH Training are suitable for all ages and abilities, whether you are an athlete requiring sport specific training, or have never picked up a weight in your life. If you prefer to train with a partner or in a small group, these options are available.

LH Training specialises in weight (body fat) loss and body transformations for their clients in Brighton & Hove and further afield online (Online Coaching). But we work with a varying clientele, from athletes to individuals that have never set food in a gym environment. 


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"Every session is something new and although it is tough at times Lloyd really encourages you to put that bit extra in and makes it enjoyable, even more so with the support and advice he's constantly providing to make sure you get the most out of every session. And what's even better is I have lost body fat and gained muscle so would highly recommend him!"

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